Working on a lot of music for  the upcoming solo EP, and doing a lot of songwriting for several artists. Also writing and producing music  with my group called CR&M. last February we released our first single "As we go"


September 2020 Tino Martin's latest album "voor iedereen" is going to be released. he has  co-written 3 songs on this album.


Recently he is awarded a gold record for his contribution to 3 songs of the Tino Martin album  "voor iedereen"

The album has reached over 70.000.000 streams




He is also had  the oppertunity to work on 3 new episodes of Ali B's Op volle toeren season 2020.

Episodes with Patricia Paay, Famke Louise, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Leafs, Adf Samski, Veldhuis & Kemper